Montessori Education Books

My TOP TWO Recommendations for Montessori Books about Montessori Education and Methodology

#1 The Essential Montessori: An Intro. to the Woman, the Writings, the Method, and the Movement 
by E. Hainstock

"An introductory source for the newcomer to Montessori, including a directory of information sources."--Nienhuis Books & Publications "A young Italian woman named Maria Montessori developed theories about childhood education that have had widespread influence on teaching methods around the world. This revised edition of the authoritative work on the Montessori method is a goldmine resource for programs and materials, an invaluable introductory for the newcomer, and a fine general review for those already familiar with Montessori."--Ingram

#2 Montessori Today: A Comprehensive Approach to Education from Birth to Adulthood
by P. Polk Lillard

"Paula Polk Lillard brings to this volume a wealth of knowledge about the child from age six to twelve. There are 16 photographs from elementary classes. In detailed accounts of both theory and practice of Montessori methods, the author shows how children acquire the skills to answer their own questions, learn to manage freedom with responsibility, and maintain a high level of intellectual curiosity." (Child of the World, 2002-2003 edition, a Michael Olaf company.)

From ( Booklist: "Lillard, author of Montessori: A Modern Approach (1988) and cofounder of a respected Montessori school in Lake Bluff, Illinois, describes the Montessori approach and sketches its application from preschool through early adulthood in this short but thorough volume. After a brief discussion of the origin and implications of Montessori's theories about child development, the author surveys the primary years and the stories and lessons that are most appropriate to this stage of development; analyzes the elementary classroom and teacher from both theoretical and practical perspectives, complete with anecdotes from her own and other Montessori teachers' experiences; and moves into less familiar territory to describe the impact of Montessori's theories on education at the middle school, secondary school, and college levels. Montessori Today will be a useful tool for parents analyzing educational alternatives as well as for students who may be thinking about a career in education." --Mary Carroll

Book Description: "Paula Lillard, director of a Montessori school ranging in age from 18 months to fifteen years, provides a clear and cogent introduction to the Montessori program for the elementary and later years. In detailed accounts, Lillard shows how children acquire the skills to answer their own questions, learn to manage freedom with responsibility, and maintain a high level of intellectual stimulation by using the Montessori method. This is an essential handbook for parents and teachers who have chosen the Montessori alternative for the older child." ( editorial review.)

From the Back Cover: "Paul Lillard is an excellent guide to Maria Montessori's key ideas and to the place of Montessori education in contemporary society."--Howard Gardner, author of Frames of Mind 

"Children's schools shape their lives, intellects, and worldviews. This clear guide to Montessori education today will help parents to consider the Montessori alternative for their child." --Jane M. Healy, author of Your Child's Growing Mind

"FINALLY! MONTESSORI EDUCATION AFTER AGE 6! This book was extremely informative on what you should expect from your montessori school for your children over age 6 (it also described before age 6 but there are many books on the 3-6 age group for Montessori). I have found it very difficult(until this book) to find out what the montessori education has to offer over traditional education after age six. Boy was I blown over at the difference between the Montessori theory/practice over the traditional form of schooling. It seems almost cruel to ever put your child in traditional public schools that still teach children to take a submissive role. I urge everyone to please read this book. Learn about the Five Major Lessons and the positive,cooperative, interactive approach to education/life." ( customer review.)