Homeschool Book/s

My TOP Recommendation for Homeschool

What Your First Grader Needs to Know : Fundamentals of a Good First Grade Education "Most popular!"
by E. D. Hirsch (Editor)
Book Description 

"What will your child be expected to learn in the first grade? How can you help him or her at home? How can teachers foster active, successful learning in the classroom? This book answers these all-important questions and more, offering the specific shared knowledge that hundreds of parents and teachers across the nation have agreed upon for American first graders." ( editorial review.) 

"You just can't beat this book. Not only does it tell you what your child should be learning, it's right there for you. This isn't just a list of topics - it has the actual stories, biographies, math games, etc. right there for you. One of my favorite parts is the literature section. It has the basic stories, poems, fables, and sayings every well-rounded child should now. And the science and history sections have great introductions/overviews of topics - great for unit studies." ( customer spotlight review.)