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My top picks for Montessori and homeschool booksMe, the Montessori mom, with my son at a local farm

































My top picks for Montessori, homeschool, and parenting books, and more!I'm Lisa Nolan, the Montessori teacher and mom, with my son at a local farm.

Recommended Hands-on Sensorial Materials & Activities

Plan Toy Punch and Drop for ages 1 to 2

Nest & Stack Buckets for 12 months and up

"My son loved these! We also used them in the bathtub!"--Lisa Nolan Montessori
From the Manufacturer
"Nest & Stack Buckets, Shape sorting bucket with handle includes 10 stacking cups and 4 fun shapes. Stacked buckets are over 3-feet tall! Case Pack 6."

Lauri Toys Shape and Color Sorter for 24 months and up

"With the Shape and Color Sorter, young learners will be drawn to the motor challenge of stacking
soft rubber shapes on wooden pegs, and sorting them by shape, color, or texture. And so begin the
classification skills that continue to build in subtlety and complexity for as long as learning lasts." Teacher Review

Melissa & Doug Shapes Sound Puzzle for ages 24 months and up

Primary Lacing Beads by Melissa & Doug for ages 3 and up

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie for ages 3 and up

"Pros: Sturdy plastic parts (tested by my 3 yr old) have fallen on the floor, off the table, been dropped onto tile, etc... and held up well. A variety of ways to sort the fruit using the assorted paper disks in the bottom of the pie sections: colors, fruit type, number of items, shapes. Tweezers provide great fine motor practice for developing handwriting skills. Social skills practice by learning to take turns together. Can be used for dramatic play (every time we were done playing the "game" DD would rush the pie off to her play kitchen to "bake" it in her oven.) I've also borrowed some of the produce pieces to use in a garden themed sensory bin at home...

"Cons: Many, many, many small parts; would be inappropriate for any child who is still tempted to put small colorful candy looking objects in their mouth. "

Recommended Classic Montessori Sensorial Materials on

Pink Tower for
2 to 3-year-olds


Color Tablets Box 2 for ages 3 & up


Brown Stairs
for 4 & up


Red Rods
for 4 & up


Knobless Cylinders
for 4 & up