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My top picks for Montessori, homeschool, and parenting books, and more!I'm Lisa Nolan, the Montessori teacher and mom, with my son at a local farm.

Recommended Geography Books and Activities

Land and Water Book 1: 10 Basic Land & Water Forms (Spiral-bound) by Maitri Learning

Product Description
"Beautiful photos clearly depict the land and water geographical formations of island, lake, archipelago, system of lakes, cape, bay, peninsula, gulf, isthmus, and strait. Each 2-page spread has a full-color photo of one form (e.g., archipelago) on the left page with a clear definition of that form on the facing right page. The defined term (e.g., archipelago) is printed in red. This book is designed to meet the developmental needs of elementary-aged children. The title is in lower case so as not to discourage young readers. When you open the book, you arrive directly at the content; the copyright and ISBN information appear only on the outside back cover so it does not distract or discourage emerging readers. The outer corners are rounded to avoid tactile distractions. It is also sized for children's hands and the spiral binding is specifically used so that the books lay flat when open, allowing children to work with them freely. The land and water books inform and inspire children as they learn basic geography facts. Designed by an AMI Montessori Teacher with the support of a team of teachers/teacher trainers."
Land and Water Book 1: 10 Basic Land & Water Forms (Spiral-bound) by Maitri Learning

Alma's Design Globe

From the Manufacturer
"Soft Play Globe comes with children in traditional outfits representing different countries and continents. Children are color coded representing where they live. It stimulates imaginative play and encourages discussion between adults and children about people and places around the world. This multicultural globe can be a pillow."

Product Description
"Learn about the oceans and continents of the world. Comes with dolls in typical outfits representing all continents and a set of flashcards with questions about the globe."

Melissa & Doug World Map 33pc Floor Puzzle
Product Description
"Explore the world with this jumbo-sized, colorful floor puzzle, featuring 33 heavy-grade shape-cut cardboard pieces that are coated on both sides for added durability. Kids will have fun learning world geography on this detailed, educational map puzzle."

Educational Insights ReMARKable Laminated World Map
Product Description
"Full-color 34" x 22" laminated two-in-one wipe-off map provides a valuable up-to-date reference map on one side and a useful outline map on the other. Full-color reference map displays countries, capitals, major cities, landforms, rivers, and lakes, and features a border of 48 nation flags. Outline map with capital stars is ideal for hands-on geography activities. Use with any dry-erase markers. Includes 4 reproducible worksheets with answer keys and suggested classroom activities."

The True Books, Continents (for ages 9-12) by David Petersen
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"Ideal for today's young investigative reader, each A True Book includes lively sidebars, a glossary and index, plus a comprehensive 'To Find Out More' section listing books, organizations, and Internet sites. A staple of library collections since the 1950s, the new A True Book series is the definitive non-fiction series for elementary school readers."

United States Floor Puzzle

From Toyologists & Teacher Review
"Find your way across the U.S. and back home again with this giant-size floor puzzle for kids ages 3 to 10. The completed puzzle is 2 by 3 feet, with a white background surrounding the continental U.S., and Alaska and Hawaii off to one side. A list of state capitals is also included in another corner. The puzzle pieces are each about 4 by 6 inches and made from thick, laminated cardboard with a wipe-clean surface. Each state includes the state name in capital letters, the state nickname (the Lone Star State, for example), and a couple of icons for that state (a 10-gallon hat, cowboy boots, and a star for Texas). This puzzle would be a good choice for a family with preschool or early-elementary-age children, because the puzzle could be used by parents with their children for several years: first to show your state and your neighboring states, and then as a completed map of the whole country to identify the location of states. Next, the kids can put the puzzle together themselves, and in fourth or fifth grades, they can use it to memorize those state capitals. This puzzle  is a good choice for the classroom or for homeschooling.--Marcie Bovetz is a former children's librarian and senior editor in educational publishing, as well as the author of 41 children's books. She has three teenagers in her family."

From the Manufacturer
"The USA Map puzzle includes 48 extra thick pieces. Its easy clean surface keeps the puzzle looking new. "

"We got this puzzle for our 3 kids last Christmas. It is big, bright, sturdy and very educational...even for me! Of course the first thing we noticed was the picture of the Twin Towers over New York. (Not sure if they are still making them like that.) This is something I will keep forever, and that my kids will continue learning from for years to come."  ( customer review.) More...

USA Map Capitals and States Puzzle
by Lights, Camera, Interaction

From Toyologists &
From the Manufacturer
"Geography comes to life as kids learn states and capitals while solving this beautiful map puzzle. Wood pieces are shaped like state and feature state nicknames on each piece! State population, motto, size, capital and year of statehood featured on back. Beautiful illustrations on the top surface capture the essence of America!"

"I bought this for my 3-year-old daughter, and she has already learned 3 states. You can show her any map of the US, and she can pick out our home state, Pennsylvania (where Sesame Park is) and Texas. I'm thrilled she knows that already! The way this is going, she'll know all of her states by the time she enters kindergarten."  ( customer review.) More...